Saturday, April 30, 2011

Keskarel this weekend: Chris's New Scene

On Sat, Apr 30, 2011 at 1:03 PM, Christopher Robinson wrote:

> Shot list #5—(The Laundry Mat)
> Hi Sylvia, I have a great deal of optimism that you will enjoy this
> scene. I am sure that most of this will be improvised by Diana. I have
> nothing, but the up most faith and confidence that Diana will handle
> the acting beautifully. Have a great day, Christopher R.
> a.      Exterior Long shot of K as she crosses the street to the laundry
> mat; we fade a medium close up of her upper body as she peers through
> the window.
> b.      Interior wide shot of her walking into the mat. We fade in, (Medium
> close up) of her with a hand held camera as she looks around for a
> place to hide, she staggers around like a drunken buffalo, she walks
> to all corners of the store, looks into dryers, washers, she settles
> on the seat farthest away from the window and takes deep breaths.
> c.      Wide shot of her picking up a magazine then she puts it down.
> d.      Cut into her feet as she taps them on the floor.
> e.      Fade out to a wide shot of her as a customer walks through the
> door, K watches her the whole time, we only hear the door opening and
> footsteps, we keep the camera focused on K, she fidgets with her hands
> as she spies.
> f.      Close up of her as she tries to hide her face in a magazine that
> she picks up from one of the tables.
> g.      Mid body shot of K as she watches the customer again, we fade into
> an extreme close up of her eyes. K waits while the customer looks and
> looks for the right machine. She settles on the washer closet to K. We
> fade out to wide shot of K as she observes the customer put her
> clothes in the dryer. (She taps her feet on the ground again and
> cringes, mumbling something to herself)
> h.      Another customer walks in (Wide shot of K) feet taping, K’s
> breathing gets heavier.
> i.      Mid shot of K as she stands up then we follow her with the hand
> held camera as she paces around the laundry mat.
> j.      Cut in to her chest as it heaves up and down, we cut up to her
> face, another customer walks in and tears began to fall from her face.
> k.      Wide shot of her as she sits back down and crawls into a ball,
> rocking back and forth on the same chair she sat on before.
> l.      She stands back up (Medium shot) then we follow her with the camera
> again (fade into a medium close up.
> m.      Cut into to her feet as she slowly, very slowly shuffles out of the door.
> End Beat #5.

keskarel navapeac
to Christopher

you're right - i love it!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Keskarel: A new scene, a new cast member

waiting for confirmation from our (we hope!) new cast member:
"hey, Nima! Diana said you might be interested in playing her character's husband for our storyboard? the scene we have written so far is an interior scene in the kitchen. the husband complains about the dinner - a roast chicken - and the wife winds hitting the husband with the bird and knocks him down. he's only dazed. but she runs away because she thinks she's killed him. it will probably take about 4-5 hours to shoot, about 6 or 8 setups. can you let me know if you'd like to do this?"
fingers crossed ...

A message from AD Chris Arthur-Henly Robinson

Christopher Robinson
keskarel navapeac <>
Fri, Apr 22, 2011 at 1:03 AM
Re: please let me know whether you got my voicemail message

Sylvia, sorry I haven't had a chance to write down any of my ideas for our production. I had a very busy day, but I have the whole day off tomorrow from work and school.I'll get something to you. P.S. the semester is almost over I will have more time to dedicate to the movie in a couple of more weeks. Oh and P.P.S. I am thrilled about next Thursday's shoot and I am very happy in general that my disastrous collegiate career will be coming to its climax.

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 6:17 PM, keskarel navapeac <> wrote:
> great work!
> the camera store idea is interesting, but a real videographer would drop her
> baby before she'd drop her camera. let's explore the subtext of that,
> though.
> that's number one. number two: we also need the actor/husband to play the
> pickpocket - can you work that into the craigslist ad?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keskarel, a Quicktime storyboard: First "On Location" Shoot

Keskarel will be shooting a scene at sylvia's favorite neighborhood grocery store next Thursday (April 28, 2011) - Nabila's Natural Inc., 559 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA 94102-4213 (415) 864-6514. sylvia loves Nabila not just for the good, mostly gourmet, food and wine, but also for the friendly folks of the family that owns Nabila. When you go to Nabila's, look out for Pepper, who, although she never will replace the big cat of the neighborhood, Manx, who ruled the roost and the pigeons for so many umpteen years, Pepper, well, she's quite the lady and she will love it if you stop and say hi, and scratch her forehead.

The scene, which we'll shoot after the store closes at nine, involves a shoplifter and our Videographer, who as usual is self-absorbed and oblivious to her surroundings, as well as the gregarious, extraverted shopkeeper and Keskarel (Diana Slampyak), who is coincidentally shopping to make a stew. 

Also, be on the lookout for new Keskarel writings for Chris, who has a first draft "in the drawer" for aging and fermentation for the last few weeks, and we will soon be posting the finished product.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A message from sylviatoyindustries

To: Christopher Robinson & diana slampyak

Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 6:17 PM

Chris: great work! re:

the camera store idea is interesting, but a real videographer would drop her baby before she'd drop her camera. let's explore the subtext of that, though.

that's number one. number two: we also need the actor/husband to play the pickpocket - can you work that into the craigslist ad?

- sylvia

A message from AD Chris Arthur-Henly Robinson

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 12:50 PM, Christopher Robinson wrote:
Here is Beat Four and the Craigslist add. I hope you enjoy it and understand the complex genius that went into writing such a complex and genius scene. I hope you feel better soon Nena and I will see you on Sunday. I have some good ideas for number five, I am thinking they go to the camera store together and V doesn't have enough money for the camera she likes. K gives her some money, even though K will be broke as a result of this, V is touched.
Beat four—(The Wallet Scene)

a.      K and V see each other as they are walking down the stairs to go to the liquor store. (Long shot from the bottom of the stairs) as K yells, “Hi” to V, but V does not acknowledge her. Ariel shot of K as she reaches the front door and struggles to open it. This will be a result of her only having one hand handy, because she is holding her camera up. We then will go the left of V (medium shot) as she struggles and struggles again and again.
b.      Long aerial shot of K as she walks down and meets V at the bottom and say’s, “Can I help?” V ignores her.

c.      (Over the shoulder) of K as she says, “I will help you.” She goes to open the door.

d.      (Medium shot) V, as she smacks her hand away, almost dropping her camera, she then tries to open the door and says, “I will be fine, but I—but I—I appreciate the—the help K.”
e.      (Close up) of K as she smiles.

f.      (Medium long shot) K sneaks her hand in and opens the door.

g.      We follow the two with a hand held camera the rest of the way. We stand outside and watch as the door swings open, we watch as the two walk to the liquor store, they shuffle in and we follow K as she watches V look around for something good to eat and some batteries for her camera.
h.      K leans over V (Wide shot) and asks, “Why can’t you put that thing down, you are at a grocery store—it seems to be impairing you?”

i.      V looks up, still holding the camera, and say’s, “This is not a grocery store it is liquor store.”

j.      Switch to K (Medium shot) she say’s “I see no difference.”

k.      Switch to V (Medium shot) she say’s “A liquor store is smaller than a grocery store.”

l.      Switch to K (M.S.) she nods her head and says, “I see—in Russia we would call this a grocery store.”

m.      Switch to V as she looks back down at a product with her camera and says, “See that is exactly what’s wrong with your country you all don’t know the difference between a liquor store and a grocery store.”(V picks up what she wants. (Wide Shot) as the two stand face to face, V tries to get around her, but K remains in her way, the two dance, it results in a stand still.
n.      K, still blocking V asks, “It would be easier to get around in here
if you did not always film.”

o.      Shift to V (M.S.) she holds the camera in her hand and looks around the store. We shift angles (M.S.) to K who is smiling, back to V who laughs, she smiles back at K and says, “I used to miss a lot of things, but when I have the camera I don’t.” V picks the camera back up and commences with her filming. (We follow the two with the camera, as they walk to the counter, along the way K taps V on the shoulder, V does not respond. K says, “I got you to put the camera down—I did.” V looks back and K giggles. V sighs, reaches the counter and glances around to see if the store has batteries, she can’t find them.
p.      We focus on V (Over the shoulder) and the store clerk as V yells,
“Where are the batteries? Last time I was here they were directly
behind the register just to the right of the cigarettes—where are they, what have you done with them?”

q.      (Medium shot of the clerk) “Why do you always yell at me and always with the camera?”

r.      Wide shot of K as she walks to another part of the store and yells, “She has the camera because she is afraid she will miss life if she puts it down.”

s.      Back to the Clerk (M.S.) who laughs,

t.      Back to V (Close up) as she grimaces.

u.      Wide shot of K as she looks for batteries. We hear arguing in the back round, but focus the camera on K as she snatches the battery pack, we follow her as she places them on the counter in front of V. (A wide shot of the three as they stare down at the batteries) V picks them up and K says, “Its okay they are just in a different place.”
v.      V looks up at the clerk and says, “What do you mean by moving these things around, what’s wrong with you?”

w.      We hear another person enter and briefly point the camera at him (Long Shoot) and then cut in to the store keeper (M.S.) as he says “I am tired of you you are the worst customer I have ever had, even worse then the homeless.”
x.       Shift to V, (Wide Shot) K is in the background, as V responds with, “I bet you’ve never had a friend in your life.”
y.      Wide angle shot as the customer snatches V’s wallet from her back pocket, the store keeper and K watch him run away as V keeps on with, “You’ve probably never been with a woman either she would be…” V notices them looking at the door, she turns around (still holding the camera) and asks, “What’s going on?”
z.      (M.S.) as K responds with, “Someone just took your wallet.” V slams her fist on the counter as she does this her camera falls and breaks. We hear a scream (End Scene.)
Here is our Craigslist Advertisement—
 Silvia Toy Industries is looking for an Actor to play the part of a husband in a flash back scene. (In this scene you get upset over your newly married wife’s cooking skills.) There are very few speaking lines; however a Russian accent is a plus. We will also need this actor to be in a Silhouette shot, in which two characters (a man and a woman) will be rehearsing a play. Filming will commence on…in the Hayes Valley district of San Francisco. We welcome all applicants, height and build are inconsequential. All we require is a strong enthusiasm for independent cinema. Our actor will be compensated for his time. Thank you for your interest, Silvia Toy Industries.    

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Keskarel: The Latest

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7 messages

keskarel navapeac <> Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 6:14 AM
To: Christopher Robinson
      diana slampyak
look what i found: the city's digital library of places to shoot! checking this out and writing a basic proposal narrative this week.


The Keskarel the Movie production team

Christopher Robinson <> Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 10:32 PM
To: keskarel navapeac <>
Pretty cool, do you need any help?

keskarel navapeac <> Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 12:01 PM
To: Christopher Robinson <>
i'm glad you asked!:o) can you check out the locations locations locations link? it will just make me cross-eyed, manic and migrainey. grant narratives are more manageable.

Christopher Robinson <> Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 10:08 PM
To: keskarel navapeac <>
I am confused. I looked at some of the places on the list and wondered, does this mean that all these places are open to shoot in?
Also whats next with the story? Can we meet this week I have Thursday and Friday off.

Christopher Robinson <> Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 10:10 PM
To: keskarel navapeac <>
Sylvia the blog looks wonderful. I watched myself in our story board conference. no one should subject themselves, to watching themselves, although I didn't mind as much as I thought I would.

keskarel navapeac <> Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 6:03 PM
To: Christopher Robinson <>
can we meet friday? I'm kind of sick and trying to rest. thanks. also, i'm waiting for a rewrite of act 2 scene 3 from you!

keskarel navapeac <> Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 6:05 PM
To: Christopher Robinson <>
i'm glad you checked out the blog. you get used to watching yourself!:o)

Monday, April 11, 2011

A message from sylviatoyindustries

Photo: Erbe, Pooley: USDA, ARS, EMU
As a person of color, I am very offended to learn that western entrepreneurs are still at the game of exploiting the underclasses. As the great blogger nitecruzr states: 'Even spammers don't crap where they live.' Instead, European spammers, primarily in Germany ( practice colonization by bouncing most of their porn and other spam from servers in underclass countries.

Most of the hits on this site were made by a botnet. Parasites: the lowest form of life on the food chain.
Blogger is free, and it is a wonderful medium. Long live blogging! - sylvia

location location location

from         keskarel navapeac <>

to              Chris Arthur-Henley Robinson,
                 diana slampyak

date          Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 6:14 AM

subject     location location location

look what i found: the city's digital library of places to shoot! checking this out and writing a basic proposal narrative this week.


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Please report referral spam!

Tacky is as tacky does, referral spammers. And phishes and fake websites are as tacky does,, who can consider itself reported for web forgery and phishing.