Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keskarel update: A new scene by Chris Arthur-Henly Robinson

Christopher Robinson                                       Tue, May 24, 2011 at 10:51 AM 
To: keskarel navapeac <keskarel@gmail.com> 
Sylvia, I cannot see this scene working unless it is in a crowded café,
so I shall write it as such. I was thinking of Chaplin when I wrote
this. I love the idea of  K falling all over herself as she vies for
V’s attention. If we could get extras, which I know we can, this would
be great scene. I have to work on Saturday, at one, but I have Sunday
off and will be available all day. I should have the next scene
written by than. If you want to meet on Saturday morning and have a
brief story conference then shot on Sunday that would be okay with me

a.      V is standing in line, she is second from the first person in line
(Wide shot) Zoom in on V as she hears the door open and turns around.
b.      Wide shot of K as she walk in,
c.      Close up V as she twist her head, so she is looking straight
forward and mouths something to her self.
d.      Medium wide shot of K as she recognizes V in line. She jumps up and
down and calls out V’s name, but V does not respond.
e.      Pan in; close up of V as she again mumbles something profane to herself.
f.      Medium shot of K as she attempts to walk up to V, but there are
many obstacles in her way.
g.      Pan out, wide shot with the hand held, K tries to walk to the left,
but she bumps into someone with a drink. She apologizes.
h.      Wide shot with the handheld of K as she goes to her right and
knocks over a display. After it is knocked over K tries to rearrange
i.      Close up of V watching her and giggling to herself.
j.      Right slight medium aerial shot of V moving to the front of the
line and ordering.
k.      Medium shot with the hand held of K as she sets the last item of
the display back. She gets up and goes to the back of the line again.
(If this were ideal it would have to have grown significantly longer,
but one or two people would be fine)
l.      Medium shot of V as she picks up her drink; we follow her with the
hand held until she sits at her table, opens a paper and laughs.

K stands in line for a prolonged amount of time and V ignores her. We
see K next with her drink in hand.

a.      Medium shot of K with the hand held as we follow her trying again
to make her way to V and once again she is met by many obstacles. She
bumps into a patron then another display.
b.      Medium close up of V as she watches.
c.      Medium hand held mid body shot of K as she bumps into tables, then
another customer.
d.      Medium close up of K as she calls out V’s name again.
e.      Medium close up of K as we hear her name being called. She takes a
deep breath and rotates her body so that she is looking out the
f.      Extreme close up of the back of her head while we see what she sees
out the window.
g.      Medium shot of K with the hand held as she reserves herself to
sitting down at a table away from V.
h.      Wide shot of V as she gets up, we follow her with the camera
(medium shot) as she puts her dish away.
i.      Medium shot of K sitting down and waving.
j.      Pan back to V with the handheld as she keeps her eyes fixed in
front of her with a crocked grin on her face, we follow her until she
is at the front door.
k.      Pan back to K (medium shot) who decides she needs to get up. Fade
out, wide shot of her with the hand held as she gets up and grabs her
things. She stumbles around and tries to catch V, drink in hand. The
last thing we see is K as she spills her drink all over herself and we
hear the bells as the front door closes.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Keskarel this week

keskarel navapeac to Christopher, diana, Nima
hey Chris - i hope things went well yesterday.
i seem to be adjusting to my new job with less stress than i expected. i want to shoot the kitchen on the twenty-fourth and do some Keskarel alone (laundromat, hearing the neighbors, cafe, etc.) scenes either this Sunday (the 15th) or next.
happy friday, all.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Keskarel, a Quicktime storyboard

this is the latest version of Keskarel, which has two new scenes including our first scenes on location. 

Keskarel this week: sylvia's Assignment

While I wait for the updated-with-new-scenes, now-33:20 minute Quicktime storyboard to complete compression for Vimeo upload, it seems like a good time to relate the latest "layer" of reality in the Keskarel A Movie universe.

Still from 'Kesarel'

I think we've already established that The Videographer doesn't have the view of the building across the way that Keskarel has from her solitary window. Given The Videographer's obsession with seeing (i.e., her own eyes are not enough, so she carries a camera everywhere she goes), I think the best exploitation of the conflict we're (hopefully) showing in the storyboard so far, would be to change the situational fact that The Videographer doesn't know about the domestic violence that her neighbor is watching unfold. How best to exploit The Videographer's part in the core conflict than to show her able to hear but not see the neighbors' sturm und drang, and put it on the other wall from her apartment, which Keskarel would be able to see in the existing Keskarel universe.

Speaking as a person who never goes out the door without a camera, let me tell you that it really does make you crazy sometimes when you know something interesting is happening because you can hear but not see it.

So, my assignment this week is to engineer sounds of the neighbors fighting. Watch for an update later this week.