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Keskarel: Update this week

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keskarel navapeac <keskarel@gmail.com> Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 12:02 PM
To: Christopher Robinson, bymikelewis
hey.  as the last shoot Sapna & I did was a nightmare trying to do so many different scenes in my living room, light changes, special effects and all, i am going to try to find a space (read empty room with plain, neutral walls) that i can rent cheaply from time to time. i know from theatre and voice study that such rooms exist. it is likely that if rented for a block of time, a person could bring in necessary furniture, etc. just for the rental time, just like you can do for theatre.


The Keskarel the Movie production team

Christopher Robinson Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 1:18 AM
To: keskarel navapeac <keskarel@gmail.com>
Okay, so far I have two ideas for a movie, the first is extending the piece I wrote about our therapist, the second is about an ape that is born with human hands. He becomes a doctor (The incredible Doctor Guthrie) His wife dies, after a controversial marriage, that inspires some politicians to say, "see look what happens when you let the gays get married." He also meets a man or woman that is dying of cancer to make money in order to pay for their kemo treatments they somehow hatch up the idea to sell him to the zoo. Since our incredible doctor is addicted to drugs and suicidal he ends up getting tricked into going cross country with this person. When they get to the zoo our kemo character cannot go through with it, consequently signing their own death warrant. I am working on a third that can connect with these two. I am thinking maybe it could be a series of shorts where all the characters are at the same bar confessing something about their lives.

Also, I got an intern to help with the movie - he really wants to help with a possible new project. I had him send me a couple of his stories and he is in an improvising troupe, I forget what they are called, but he is very motivated and reliable and I want to send them to you. I hope you are doing well Sylvia. I have the day off tomorrow and I would love to meet up and discuss all these things with you.

keskarel navapeac <keskarel@gmail.com> Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 7:18 AM
To: Christopher Robinson
hey. let's talk today. i have holiday today. let's first work on your resume, okay?  i am starting a new performance art project that i have to do starting about one in order to have the best shooting light. we can meet before or after.

also, mike seems to think if you develop the therapist story to be big enough to be pivotal, the rest of keskarel may be doable around it. not sure what he means ...

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