Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A message from sylviatoyindustries: Keskarel Evolves

apologies for our recent spotty updating. while i have been trying not be a micro-managing producer and as well, distracted by my solo projects, Mike Lewis & Chris Robinson, in their planning and critique of Chris's script, have taken the project to new levels.

Mike and Chris will compose their own summaries for posting here, but, briefly, they have stripped the story of its core and are building one of the subplots - the noisy neighbors - as the heart of the story. There are new characters, new conflicts and the other night, i heard something about animation.

we also have a new intern, Nick, whose wonderful stories have a lot of potential for visual storytelling. i hope to put Nick behind a camera on one of my solo projects to get him started, so when Mike and Chris are ready to shoot, Nick will be more up to speed.

as always, thanks for reading.
- sylvia

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